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2016 New Mexico General Election Endorsements

2016 New Mexico General Election Endorsements November 2016 New Mexico General Election Endorsements by National Right to Life Donald Trump and Mike Pence (R), President and Vice President, Endorsed
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Donald Trump Hires Pro-Life Advocate as Top Domestic Policy Director

Likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is winning praise from pro-life advocates for hiring a top pro-life advocate as a key domestic policy advisory. Go to Lifenews.com ...
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2016 New Mexico General Election Endorsements

Endorsements by National Right to Life

Donald Trump and Mike Pence (R), President and Vice President, Endorsed
United States Representative Steve Pearce (R), Congressional District 2, Endorsed for re-election
Michael H. Romero (R), United States House of Representatives, Congressional District 3, Endorsed

Endorsements by Right to Life Committee of New Mexico PAC
in Statewide Contested Races Only

Questionnaires were sent only to candidates in statewide “contested races”; therefore only candidates in “contested races” were rated. Candidates are rated primarily based on their answers to our questionnaire with some deference to viability and previous pro-life voting records in tie-breakers. Since every candidate who did not respond was personally contacted and urged to send in their responses, candidates who failed to respond were automatically rated “failed to answer”, regardless of pro-life record or views. Party affiliation was not a factor in any rating but is listed here only for identification purposes -- (R} Republican and {D} Democrat.

Rating Code
Endorsed – Candidate agrees with RTLCNM positions
Answered - Candidate answered our questionnaire
Failed to Answer – Candidate failed to answer despite personal contact

State House of Representatives

District 2
James Strickler (R) Endorsed
Kenneth Robinson (D) Failed to Answer

District 4
Sharon Clahchischilliage (R) Endorsed
Glojean Todacheen (D) Failed to Answer

District 7
Kelly Fajardo (R) Failed to Answer
Arturo Fierro (D) Failed to Answer

District 8
Alonzo Baldonado (R) Failed to Answer
Jim Danner (D) Failed to Answer

District 15
Sarah Maestas Barnes (R) Failed to Answer
Ane Romero (D) Failed to Answer

District 20
Jim Dines (R) Failed to Answer
Giovani Haqani (D) Failed to Answer

District 22
James Smith (R) Failed to Answer
Yohanan Wallace (D) Failed to Answer

District 23
Paul Pacheco (R) Endorsed
Daymon Ely (D) Failed to Answer

District 24
Christine Hall (R) Endorsed
Elizabeth Thomson (D) Failed to Answer

District 27
Lorenzo (Larry) Larranaga (R) Endorsed
Ronald Krise {D) Failed to Answer

District 29
David Adkins (R) Endorsed
Ronnie Martinez (D) Failed to Answer

District 30
Nate Gentry (R) Failed to Answer
Natalie Figueroa (D) Failed to Answer

District 31
William Rehm (R) Failed to Answer
Robert Scott (D) Failed to Answer

District 32
Vicki Chavez (R) Endorsed
Candie Sweetser (D) Failed to Answer

District 33
Neal Hooks (R) Endorsed
Bill McCamley (D) Failed to Answer

District 35
Joseph Bishop (R) Failed to Answer
Angelica Rubio (D) Failed to Answer

District 36
Andrew Nunez (R) Endorsed
Nathan Small (D) Failed to Answer

District 37
Terry McMillan (R) Endorsed
Joanne Ferrary (D) Failed to Answer

District 38
Rebecca Dow (R) Endorsed
Mary Hotavedt (D) Failed to Answer

District 39
John Zimmerman (R) Endorsed
Rodolpho Martinez {D} Failed to Answer

District 43
Sharon Stover (R) Failed to Answer
Stephanie Richard Garcia (D) Failed to Answer

District 47
Roger Gonzales (R) Failed to Answer
Brian Egolf, Jr. (D) Failed to Answer

District 49
Don Tripp (R) Failed to Answer
Conrad Guajardo (D) Failed to Answer

District 50
Jeremy Ryan (R) Failed to Answer
Matthew McQueen (D) Failed to Answer

District 51
Yvette Herrell (R) Endorsed
Denise Lange (D) Failed to Answer

District 53
Rick Little (R) Endorsed
Cliff Reed (D) Failed to Answer

District 57
Jason Harper (R) Endorsed
Donna Tillman (D) Failed to Answer

District 59
Greg Nibert (R) Endorsed
Richard Garcia (D) Failed to Answer

State Senate

District 1
William Sharer (R) Endorsed
Rebecca Morgan (D) Failed to Answer
District 9
Diego Espinosa (R) Endorsed
John Sapien (D) Failed to Answer

District 10
Candace Ruth Gould (R) Failed to Answer
David Simon (D) Failed to Answer

District 13
Aubrey Dunn (R) Endorsed
Bill O’Neill (D) Failed to Answer

District 15
Eric Burton (R) Endorsed
Daniel Ivey-Soto (D) Failed to Answer

District 18
Lisa Torraco (R) Endorsed
Bill Tallman (D) Failed to Answer

District 19
James White (R) Endorsed
Harold Murphree (D) Failed to Answer

District 21
Mark Moores (R) Endorsed
Gregory Frazier (D) Answered

District 23
Sander Rue (R) Failed to Answer
Joy Garratt (D) Answered

District 29
Gregory Baca (R) Endorsed
Michael Sanchez (D) Failed to Answer

District 36
Lee Cotter (R) Failed to Answer
Jeff Steinborn (D) Failed to Answer

District 37
Cecilia Levatino (R) Endorsed
William Soules (D) Failed to Answer

District 38
Charles Wendler (R) Failed to Answer
Mary Kay Papen (D) Failed to Answer

District 39
Ted Barela (R) Endorsed
Elizabeth Stefanics (D) Failed to Answer

District 40
Craig Brandt (R) Endorsed
Linda Allison (D) Failed to Answer

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